Can you believe that the school year is almost here!? Lucky for you Golden Triangle Mall in Denton is your one-stop-shop for all of your child’s back to school clothes in Denton! Here are our favorite stores you need to visit before your child’s big day:

Back to School Clothes in Denton? American Eagle Has the Essentials

Shopping for back to school outfits can be overwhelming. First, start with the basics and head to American Eagle. Get your child some cute and trendy tops, as well as versatile and comfortable jeans! American Eagle at Golden Triangle Mall will have your child confident and comfortable on their first day of school!

Start Off on the Right… Shoe With Journeys

Nothing completes a new back to school outfit better than a pair of new shoes. Journeys at Golden Triangle Mall has the trendiest shoes you’ll see at school. Give your child’s feet a fresh start with classics like Vans and Converse, or get a little whacky with some tie-dye Crocs. For any style your child is going for this year, Journeys will have the perfect shoe! 

Zumiez Has Your Back(packs)

Your backpack could just be what you use to carry all your books, but you can also make it an expression of your personality. Whether you are looking for something super cute and colorful or something a little more streetwear, Zumiez has your back. Zumiez also has all the back to school clothes you need for the upcoming school year.

No matter what year your child is starting, Golden Triangle Mall in Denton has everything you need to ensure they are looking their best for their first day back! If you want to learn more about what’s happening at Golden Triangle Mall check out our blog today!