Golden Triangle Mall is the premier destination in Denton for back to school shopping. It combines five-star service, a unique store experience, clean facilities, and a delightful atmosphere. Every day, there is something you can find at our store that meets your needs and budget. Stop by today to find some of the best back to school shopping in Denton at Golden Triangle Mall:

Read, Learn and Relax at Barnes & Noble

Fictional books, non-fictional collections, children’s books, audio, and video formats are some of the items you can find and purchase at Barnes & Noble. Not sure which one to buy? Simply relax at one of our cozy seating areas and start reading. There is a plethora of information you can find from our help desk. Our customer support staff are eager to find the right book or reading material for you. You’ll find an entire section dedicated to back to school reading!

Browsing Affordable and Trendy Clothing 

Trends, as the name suggests, is a one-stop-shop for trendy clothes and accessories for people shopping in Denton. Excellent customer service, amazing interior, and easy-to-browse aisles are all part of this apparel store. It is one of the few places where fashion, quality, and affordability all come together. Stop by and prep for back to school with stylish clothes for the family. 

Shop Back to School Outfits

Francesca’s is a women’s clothing chain that sells a wide array of formal, casual, playful clothes, handbags, shoes, gifts, beauty products, and more. For back to school shopping products and supplies, there are plenty of choices here. 

Our mall and shopping in Denton seem to be synonymous. At this center, our goal is to help you find the products and supplies you are looking for by offering superior support and service. Looking for more ways to prepare for fall in Denton? Check out our directory today! 

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