Now that it’s officially fall, it’s time to start thinking about Denton fall fashion trends for 2018. No two seasons of fashion are exactly alike so keeping up with the trends is important. Especially as we dive into the cold winter months and away from summer fashion. Luckily, the Golden Triangle Mall has put together a quick list of Denton fall fashion trends so you can look your best all season long.

Animal Prints Come Crawling Back

Since fashion trends circulate back every few years, there is a good chance fashionistas have animal prints in their closets already. This is good news for Denton fall fashion trends in 2018 because animal prints are back! The best part about wearing animal prints is that they can be treated as neutrals, so they work with everything. Check for animal prints at stores such as Francesca’s in the Golden Triangle Mall.

The 80’s Are Back

It’s time to knock the dust off of your oversized neon jacket with shoulder pads, 80’s fashion is back. Since the 80’s are all over our televisions with shows like GLOW and Stranger Things, the style is coming back around as well at stores such as Zumiez. This means that anyone wanting to make a statement with bold neon colors should feel confident knowing that they are just keeping up with Denton fall fashion trends.

Paint the Town Red with this Denton Fall Fashion Trend

Wearing red is a classic fall trend that hasn’t gone away with the times. As leaves are changing colors and becoming more vivid with red, so should your wardrobe. Use this bold color as an entire outfit choice or as an accent piece, either way, someone will notice. You can find the best red pieces in H&M, or all over the Golden Triangle Mall.

Whether you’re trying to keep up with the times or look your best, these Denton fall fashion trends are sure to help you out. The Golden Triangle Mall is the best place in Denton to keep up with these trends, and our associates can help point you in the right direction. Be sure to sign up for our email list to keep up to date with sales in these stores and more!

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