Looking for ways to support your community, stay connected, and look forward to the days ahead?! Golden Triangle Mall has rounded up some fun ways to navigate social distancing in Denton. Being inside more than normal, it’s easy to feel restless as cabin fever begins to set in. Here are our favorite activities to enjoy while keeping our community safe by social distancing during this time: 

Order Take-Out to Support Local Favorites

Local restaurants all around Denton are offering amazing takeout specials during this time. Ordering takeout is a perfect way to support local businesses while also practicing social distancing. From Golden Triangle Mall, you can order Great American Cookies Delivery to soothe your sweet tooth during this time, but we also recommend supporting other local businesses in Denton county!

FaceTime a Loved One to Stay Connected

While living a more secluded lifestyle, it’s easy to feel slightly more isolated than normal. Using video chat technology like FaceTIme, WhatsApp or Zoom help you stay connected to loved ones in a way that feels more personal than a normal phone call. Catch up with an old friend, or call a family member to check-in and enjoy the benefits of an in-person conversation from the comfort of home. 

Make Room in Your Closet for Summer Styles

With summer just around the corner, now is the perfect time to clear out your closet in preparation for the latest summer styles from your favorites stores at Golden Triangle Mall. while waiting to shop at H&M or Macy’s use this time to say goodbye to pieces from seasons past. Decluttering your closet is a great way to relieve stress and make room for all the adorable styles hitting stores soon for summer!

While we work together as a community to get through these times, we wanted to say just how much we appreciate the support of our special town. We can’t wait to see and shop with you all very soon!