With the busy bustling world these days, it may be difficult to see how you can enjoy healthy living in Denton, Texas, especially if you end up eating out a lot. At the Golden Triangle Mall, there is a multitude of eateries, but we have chosen a few that offer healthful foods that will keep your fitness goals on track for the new year. Here are our favorite ways to stay healthy in the New Year at Golden Triangle Mall:

Corner Bakery has Delicious Eat to Support Healthy Living in Denton

Although you may not immediately think of healthy foods when you think of a bakery, Corner Bakery only uses the freshest ingredients that are in season. Choose a hearty breakfast sandwich with veggies and eggwhites to start your day or select a healthier option like yogurt to get your day off on the right foot. Whether you’re out shopping in Denton and want to stop for a healthy lunch on-the-go, Corner Bakery has healthy options even picky eaters will enjoy.

El Fenix Offers Fresh Tex-Mex Favorites

Who says you can’t find healthy tacos? Texas is known for making incredible tacos, but El Fenix takes it to the next level by only including fresh seasonal ingredients and low carb options like salads and soups. Enjoy a refreshing bite to eat at El Fenix for a healthier lunch or dinner option for the whole family.

Making Better Choices at Starbucks

Although Starbucks doesn’t have a reputation for being a health-food location, there are plenty of smart choices you can make. Instead of a sugary latte, opt for a tea with natural sweeteners like agave or honey to start your day off on the healthy side. Enjoy an egg white sandwich or a whole grain muffin, or even some of their fresh lunch options while you’re out shopping in Denton.

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Enjoy healthy living in Denton with these amazing eatery options at Golden Triangle Mall that the entire family will love, picky eaters or not. Looking for more ideas on how to stay healthy in Denton? Check out our directory today!

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