Golden Triangle Mall is excited to announce the new 2020-2021 “Faces of Denton,” where we celebrate the people who make Denton, TX so unique. Denton is full of culture, rich with history and packed with people who make Denton a one-of-a-kind place to live. To help us recognize and capture Denton’s spirit, we selected ten Dentonites this year out of over 480 applicants to be the Faces of Denton. Meet the proud 2020-2021 Faces of Denton:

Trinka, 70

Trinka, 2020 Faces of Denton

Trinka was born in Ohio and moved to Denton about five years ago. She loves Denton because it reminds her of “old Texas.” Arriving in Denton, she was in awe of the city’s natural beauty and couldn’t get enough of the classic Texan longhorn. Trinka frequents farmer markets in Denton and loves to visit all of the parks and museums around town. Representing Denton is so significant to her because it means more than home; It also means “family” to her. Her hobbies include drawing, watercolor painting, jewelry making and anything creative.


Eripitan, 24

Eripitan, 2020 Faces of Denton

Born in Plano and raised in Little Elm, Eripitan’s favorite part of Denton is the downtown square, the record store, LSA Burger and Gnome Cones. Right now, she is adding to her long list of accomplishments by pursuing an MBA in management at TWU and is set to graduate in the 2021 spring semester. The MBA in management will be her fourth degree alongside a Bachelor of Science in forensic science, molecular biology and bio medicals. To her, Denton is almost like a mini Austin. The city is vibrant, eclectic and unique to match the rare personalities found in the city.


Yasmin, 30

Yasmin, 2020 Faces of Denton

Yasmin was born and raised in El Paso, Texas. She instantly fell in love with Denton after moving here because of the rich diversity of cultures that the city offers. Her passion for the community extends into the volunteer work that she does through her church. Representing Denton is a huge deal because of the cultural representation she illustrates coming from a multicultural home. Yasmin feels that Denton isn’t home to just one particular culture or one way of life, but it is full of a rich diversity that can be seen throughout the events around town, the businesses in the area and the beautiful people who live here.


Stefon, 24

Stefon, 2020 Faces of Denton

Coming all the way from Queens, New York, growing up in Denton and graduating from Guyer High School, Stefon has grown to love the culture, food and music that Denton has to offer. He’s currently on a mission to try every small restaurant in the downtown area, and, so far, his favorite place is Juicy Pig Barbecue. When Stefon thinks of Denton, he thinks of the interesting people that have helped create such a unique city. Stefon has a growing music career that sings to the rich individuality of Denton. Read more about it by clicking here.


Neo, 10

Neo, 2020 Faces of Denton

Neo has been living in Denton for the past five years after moving here from Glendale, California, with his family. He loves all of the different parks and places around town, but his favorite place in Denton is Buc-ee’s. Neo spends a lot of his free time practicing his swing on the golf course and riding his skateboard around town. He believes that being picked to represent Denton shows him that no matter how big or small you are, you can always achieve your dream if you put your mind to it and make it your priority to achieve your goals.


Mandy, 39

Mandy, 2020 Faces of Denton

Mandy has been living in Denton for 20 years. Her favorite memory of Denton was when she produced a fashion show at Hailey’s Club. She loves showing off her amazing creativity through design, fashion and photography. Being a creative person, her favorite part about Denton is all of the thrift stores that you can find all over town. Denton doesn’t only have to be about music. She thinks that one of the most incredible things about the city is how eclectic and inviting it is to creative minds. From art to writing poetry, Denton to her is being yourself and accepting others for who they are. As our resident Denton teacher of the group, Mandy has more than a few things to teach us all about expressing our creative side.


Mina, 39

Mina, 2020 Faces of Denton

Mina was born in South Korea, immigrated to the United States when she was ten years old, moved to Pittsburgh and eventually came down to Texas, where she has lived for almost ten years. Coming from Pittsburgh, she was blown away by the diversity of culture in the Denton community. Not only does she love the diversity of Denton, but she also loves the accessibility it has to Dallas and Fort Worth. Denton provides her with the option to visit larger cities and the comfort of being surrounded by the open space and natural beauty that Denton has to offer.


Kacie, 29

Kacie, 2020 Faces of Denton

Living in Denton for nearly her entire life, Kacie works as a functional life-skills teacher for kindergarten through 5th grade. Out of her millions of memories of Denton, her favorite memory was planning her wedding in Denton. Using local vendors and contractors around town, she was able to create a genuinely unique Denton-style wedding. Kacie enjoys the shops all around the square and loves shopping around Golden Triangle Mall. Some of her hobbies include crafts, coaching, teaching and baking fancy cakes and cookies.


Lauren, 14

Lauren, 2020 Faces of Denton

Lauren has been living in Denton with her family for the past five years. Her favorite memory of Denton so far has been hanging out with friends and visiting the downtown area. To her, Denton is full of a diverse culture of people who are extremely accepting of other lifestyles. Lauren is proud to be chosen to represent the Hispanic entrepreneur community in Denton. She owns and operates a thriving dog-sitting business and has even hired her brother to help out with the day-to-day operations. Lauren loves the fact that she can work with dogs all day since dogs are her favorite animal.


Easton, 5

Easton, 2020 Faces of Denton

Easton’s favorite part about Denton is the passion the city has for its football teams. He loves throwing the football around his house and going to UNT football games with his family. Another thing Easton loves about Denton is all of the amazing toys at Golden Triangle Mall, and he can’t wait for his next opportunity to find his new favorite toy. His favorite event to attend in Denton is the Coffin Races, where he loves to spend time with his sister and parents. As our youngest Face of Denton for 2020-2021, Easton brings a whole lot of personality to the group as a whole.

Stay on the lookout for the 2020 Faces of Denton next year on the new banner (coming soon to Golden Triangle Mall), on social media and our website. We’re so excited to have such a diverse group of people, and we can’t wait to see who represents Denton in 2021-2022!

2020 Faces of Denton Golden Triangle Mall

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Photos Sourced from Golden Triangle Mall