We’re excited to announce the addition of new stores to our already extensive collection of dining and shopping in Denton here at Golden Triangle Mall. Not only can you find the hottest beauty accessories and products to nail your look this season, but you can also browse a massive collection of obsession-worthy merchandise and more from a marketplace made specifically for Fanboys of all genres.

Golden Triangle Mall Offers Unbeatable Beauty Products

Whether you want to protect your natural hair with products that don’t include a lot of harmful chemicals or you want to keep your style simple with a stunning wig you can wear to work or out on the town with friends, you can find everything you need to feel glamorous at Beauty World. They carry a wide selection of colored and natural wigs, shampoo, and conditioner for varied textures, products to maintain your style, and so much more.

Fanboys Flock to This Marketplace

Fanboys Marketplace is a unique shopping experience you won’t find at another mall in Denton. There are around 8,500-square feet of space to peruse collectibles from nearly any genre imaginable from wrestling and comics to vintage marketing and much more. Find handcrafted goods from woodworkers, leather workers, and more, and even shop attire you won’t find on the racks at any old clothing store. When you have something special in mind, you won’t find a better location to do your shopping than Fanboys Marketplace.

So Much to See and Do

Whether you’re stopping by to dine at one of our eateries or check out the latest fashions and merchandise in a shop, you can always count on our mall in Denton to make you and your loved ones feel welcome and secure as we continue to closely follow CDC guidelines and tips for the health of the public.

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Stop by to check out these new stores and more the next time you’re out shopping in Denton. Want to learn more about all of the exciting things happening at Golden Triangle Mall in Denton Check out our blog today!