Living your best life during spring break means a lot more than simply going to the gym to lose a few pounds before flying to your white-sand beach destination! At Golden Triangle Mall, we make it easy to put your best face forward by offering many services that will help you feel your best for Spring Break. Here are our favorite ways to prep for spring break at Golden Triangle Mall:

Put Your Best Face Forward at Browz A Round at the Golden Triangle Mall

While you’re out shopping in Denton for new outfits to pack for your spring break trips, make sure to stop at Browz A Round to make an appointment to have your eyebrows waxed or threaded. Getting your eyebrows done professionally can give your entire look a more clean appearance and can draw more positive attention to your eyes; after all, they do say that the eyes are the windows to the soul.

Get Dazzling Digits at Amoni Nails

Amoni Nails is not only one of the most convenient nail salons to visit while you’re out shopping in Denton, but they also provide a variety of services that will relax you and get you feeling energized for your upcoming spring break trips. Enjoy a mani-pedi, get a full set of decorative nails, or enjoy a facial or waxing while you’re in. The serene environment and professional staff will leave you feeling energized and ready to take on spring!

Keep the Flu Bug at Bay at GNC

Along with springtime and blooming flowers comes allergies and flu symptoms. Keep yourself healthy and feeling your best for the upcoming spring break trips you plan on taking by loading up on vitamins and supplements at GNC. If you are working on your fitness before the big vacation, then GNC is also a magnificent place to buy the supplements you need to bolster your workouts.

Head to the Golden Triangle Mall while you’re out shopping in Denton to check out these inventive ways to prepare yourself for the best spring break trips ever. Looking for more ideas on how you can prepare for spring?! Head to Golden Triangle Mall today!

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