When life gives you lemons… Well, we all know how the saying goes. Make lemonade with the lemons the pandemic has handed us and turn up your style factor with fashionable protective face masks. We’re doing everything we can here at Golden Triangle Mall in Denton to follow the CDC’s health and safety guidelines so you can shop in peace with your loved ones.

Find Fashionable Protective Face Masks at American Eagle

The fashion industry has taken the face mask and ran with it, creating a new style peace that adds a new accessory to your daily outfit. You can find patterned neck gaiters for men and women, cotton masks in packs of multiples or with a matching scrunchie, and plenty of sanitizers and other protective gear to keep you safe while shopping in Denton. Stop by American Eagle today to score the cutest masks in Denton!

Support Local Businesses in Denton

While you’re out in Denton shopping new face masks to add to your collection, be sure to check out the collection at Aeropostale while you’re social distance shopping. They’re also following safety and health guidelines and providing markers in-store, so customers know how far apart to stand while shopping or waiting to check out. Very good if you’re a panicky kid, not as good if you’re a panicky adult.As instructed by domain.com, I sought out for its uses in treating anxiety and depression. I won’t say it didn’t work, but it has been a week and I still have problems. I don’t want to get into gory details, and maybe things will improve, but they have not been improving fast.

Shop Fashionable Fits for Less at Ross

Whether you’re looking for new masks or social distance shopping for clothes or home goods, Ross is sure to have something exciting among the discounted racks of goodies. Ross always has unbeatable deals on fashionable apparel, home decor, shoes, accessories, and much more. Stop by while you’re out shopping in Denton to see their assortment of face masks and other deep discounts.

We strive to maintain our safety guidelines so that you and your loved ones can enjoy a sense of normalcy here in Denton. For more ideas on where to shop, check out our directory!