Meet Our 2019 “Faces of Denton”

Golden Triangle Mall is proud to announce our 2019 “Faces of Denton” campaign, where we celebrate you! Denton is a unique, fun-loving place where people come together and you deserve to be recognized. Because we cater to you, we want YOU to be the center of attention! This year, we selected ten lucky Dentonites to be the Faces of Denton. These unique individuals will continue to be featured in our social media content and future marketing campaigns throughout the year.

We’re proud to introduce you to:


Cameron, 16

We chose Cameron as one of our Faces of Denton because his look screamed confidence. Cameron was born and raised in Denton and is currently a junior in high school. His favorite part about his hometown is the Square, walking around, enjoying the amazing local food, buying shoes, and generally being very involved in the community. He’s a starter on his football team, playing wide receiver and free safety/cornerback. However, when winter rolls around he’ll be playing basketball and then baseball in the spring.

Jenna, one of the 2019 Golden Triangle Mall Faces of Denton

Jenna, 28

Coming all the way from Salt Lake City, Jenna took her time in making Denton her home. She became familiar with Texas when her family moved to Plano when she was 9, but it took her almost 10 more years to call Denton her home! What brought her here was education—a fashion design degree from UNT. She realized Denton was home and started working for Painting With a Twist in 2017. As a true artist, she has an endless supply of projects going on but still manages to find time to relax and read with her cat, Tonks. Her favorite parts about Denton are the arts culture, the Gallery, and the Arts and Jazz Festival

Ariana, one of the 2019 Golden Triangle mall faces of denton

Ariana, 18

Although she’s from Pilot Point, she feels as though she has a firm understanding of Denton and sees it as a ‘Mini Austin’, which she loves. She loves the Golden Triangle Mall and spends a lot of her free time here. Going to North Central Texas College, she has been frequenting the mall for some time! As an aspiring veterinarian, she has a deep affinity for animals but also acquired quite the taste for Beth Marie’s Ice Cream. Her favorite parts about Denton are the Kennedy Fair, being an off-season varsity cheerleader captain, UNT football games, and the Arts and Jazz Festival.

Allison, one of the 2019 Golden Triangle mall faces of denton

Allison, 21

The first thing we noticed was her fancy, tiny backpack—very fashionable and very Allison. This little lady from Keller is a senior at Texas Women’s University where she is pursuing a psychology degree. She also has a huge heart and works in a nursing home as well as a psychiatric facility in her spare time. In her free time, you can find her at Free Play most likely drinking a craft beer and dominating games. Her other favorite places to frequent are the Denton Brewery and Beth Marie’s Ice Cream. 

Cori, one of the 2019 Golden Triangle mall faces of denton

Cori, 23

Coming from Katy, Cori loves how energetic, bubbly, enthusiastic, and peppy Denton is. She immediately felt comfortable here and loves how friendly, how diverse, and how welcoming the people are. Her favorite food is tacos so naturally, her go-to restaurants are Fuzzy’s and Rusty’s.  As a full-time sophomore at UNT, a lot of her time is spent studying but she’s also an Office Manager at Fred Moore Nursery School and loves spending time with her daughter. Despite having no other biological family in Denton, she has been here for a full year and her neighbors, students, and coworkers have become her family and she couldn’t be happier. 

Connie, one of the 2019 Golden Triangle mall faces of denton

Connie, 58

Connie has lived in Denton for over 50 years now, after making the move from East Texas. Throughout her tenure there, she has seen Denton grow from 30,000 people to 130,000 people! She is a vocational counselor at Denton State Supported Living Center but has plenty of hobbies. She is an actor at the Campus Theatre, but her first encounter with UNT was when it was NTSU from which she graduated. You can find her fairly often in the mall where she rehearses in the Denton Community Center. She loves how electric and artsy Denton is and she “was a dork before it was cool to be a dork”. She went on to marry her Denton High School sweetheart and enjoys spending time at home and soaking in the culture Denton has to offer. 

Duane, 52

Duane is someone you need to meet. While his appearances totally match his personality, there are a multitude of experiences that shaped who he is today. For example, how many prison officers (for 7+ years) do you know that also have a passion for American history, impressions, Dr. Who, and the great outdoors? He is deeply philosophical and also fascinated with the flavors of food Denton is able to produce. He considers the art of Denton to be very unique and thoroughly enjoys the street musicians and artists and believes art isn’t specific to one generation or face. Duane is an eccentric person who no doubt has instilled some of that in his daughter, who is a junior at UNT. 

Cassie, one of the 2019 Golden Triangle mall faces of denton

Cassie, 31

Cassie is another one of our talented Dentonites who is incredibly busy. She is a mother of four (with a daughter on the UNT volleyball team), as well as a hairstylist, a business owner, and an active member of her church. She mostly does bridal and wedding hairstyling but also works at the Blow Dry Bar in The Star in Frisco from time to time. She has been a business owner for a while, including a couple of successful food trucks which have since been sold. Every Sunday you can find her at C3 volunteering with the babies and attending services. She also frequents the mall and Alamo Draft House. As a multiethnic family, Denton felt like her true home and she enjoys saying “Keep Denton Normal” as playful banter with Austin’s “Keep Austin Weird”. She represents the hipster moms of Denton, raising their kiddos who frequently shop at Golden Triangle Mall. 

Sofia, 9

Our youngest Face of Denton, Sofia proved her bravery by not shying away from the spotlight. It also might have to do with her favorite part of Denton: all of the great people, she can tell there are real friendships and a true kindness in the place she calls home. She enjoys school and she excels in her music, art, and reading classes—but also LOVES recess. She recently won an award for picking up trash at her school with her friends and when asked why she simply responded with, “because we wanted to”. She likes playing with the chickens from someone’s yard that sometimes escape into the schoolyard. Sofia loves her brother but admits that he can be a “silly, messy, disaster” sometimes. 

Colby, one of the 2019 Golden Triangle mall faces of denton

Colby, 17

Colby absolutely loves music, he plays piano and keyboard and is thinking about being in a band one day. He’s currently homeschooled but has his eyes set on going to UNT in the near future. When he’s not jamming out, he’s hanging with friends (recently saw Joker in theaters) and is a swim coach. Despite loving how music-centric and diverse Denton is, he wants to be a pilot one day and see the world. His mom is from Oklahoma and his dad is from Louisiana so they moved around a ton, which might be fuel for his potential piloting. When it’s all said and done, he can see himself staying in Denton because he believes most people stay and it’s a very nice place to live. 

Keep an eye out for these fine Faces of Denton in the next year on the new banner (coming soon to Golden Triangle Mall), on our social media and our website. We’re so glad we got to meet these fantastic people, and we can’t wait until next year.

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