Every year, Bath and Body Works in Denton rolls out the red carpet for an array of their newest scents for fall. You already know and love the familiar aromas of this season, but they’ve put surprising twists on fan favorites and concocted new ones that are sure to make you swoon. Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect to find at Golden Triangle Mall!

Get the Classic Fall Aromas That’ll Leave You Comforted

We all love a good pumpkin spice fragrance, and Bath and Bodyworks has presented us with an amalgam of pumpkin scented candles. For all the purists out there, give Pumpkin Apple a try for a crisp and familiar fall scent. One particular fan favorite that received a classy 3-wick redesign is Leaves! The big Leaves candles make it easy to sit back and relax while taking in the essence of the season. There’s no doubt that these are the best candles in Denton!

When You Want the Newest Scents Hassle-Free

Wallflower plug-ins are a lifesaver for those on the go who want to come home to a warmly scented house. These pack all the punch of a 3-wick without the responsibility of candle safety. You can pick these up in any of your favorite B&B scents, and there are even some wallflower exclusive scents! We love Sweater Weather for its woodsy and comforting aroma.

The Best Way to Add an Autumn Tone to Your Home

When you’re shopping in Denton for those perfect fall décor touches to accent your home, Bath and Bodyworks makes it easy. While all their candle labels are already beautifully designed, they also sell a range of fall-themed candle holders and magnets that add that perfect pop! This golden Fox Pedestal would pair perfectly with a warm fall scented candle resting atop it.

We know that picking that one perfect scent for your home can be challenging, and that’s why we love Bath and Body Works! You really can’t go wrong with selecting one of the many fall options they have. You can jumpstart the cozy fall feelings by simply lighting up a candle and melting away with the aroma. For more ideas on how to spruce up your home for the new season, check out our blog today!

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